Digital Fitness Platform: How Capelli [GoZone+] Launched an Industry-Leading Fitness Solution With Muvi

Introduced in 2019, GoZone+ by Capelli Sports stands out as a cutting-edge digital fitness platform that transforms the fitness industry. In partnership with Walmart, GoZone+ presents a versatile array of on-demand fitness classes led by renowned trainers, designed to accommodate individuals of different skill levels and ages.


Capelli GoZone+ strategically selected Muvi as its partner, drawn to Muvi’s outstanding expertise in swiftly constructing and launching an all-encompassing digital fitness platform across various ecosystems. The decision was significantly influenced by Muvi’s enterprise-grade streaming features.


This case study unfolds the Capelli GoZone+ and Muvi partnership, illustrating the seamless development of a fully-fledged OTT fitness application across multiple platforms (website, Android, iOS) using Muvi One, our flagship product.


Download the case study for a thorough examination of Capelli GoZone+’s requirements and discover how Muvi successfully delivered on its commitments.


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