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US $399/month
White labeled website/app
Hosting and CDN

(per app)US $299/month


US $1499/month
Standard +
Alie recommendation engine, DRM, Content partner portal &
Policy engine
(per app)US $499/month


US $3900/month
Professional +
Dedicated server &
Enterprise support

(per app) US $ 499 /month


Enterprise Plan
Unlimited concurrent users,
Monthly security & Performance
reports, Proactive monitoring,
Setup, and a lot of handholding

All Plans Include

  • Unlimited content, subscribers and views
  • World’s most comprehensive Video/Audio CMS
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • No contract. Cancel anytime
  • No setup/configuration fee
  • No per user fee
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US $399/ month


US $1499/ month


US $3900/ month


Unlimited Content & Users
Concurrent Users 200010,00050,000Unlimited
Admin accounts 2510Unlimited
Hosting Server SharedSharedDedicatedDedicated + Auto Scaling
Hosting Components 1 TB bandwidth, 1TB storage, and 200GB encoding are included for free per month. Overage is charged as per Infra Fees2 TB bandwidth, 2TB storage, and 500GB encoding are included for free per month. Overage is charged as per Infra Fees5 TB bandwidth, 5TB storage, and 1TB encoding are included for free per month. Overage is charged as per Infra Fees10 TB bandwidth, 10TB storage, and 2TB encoding are included for free per month. Overage is charged as per Infra Fees
Available Streaming Apps (*Separate Fees Apply) Mobile: Android, iOSMobile: Android, iOS
TV: Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV
Desktop & Others: Windows, Mac, Xbox, Apple Vision Pro
Mobile: Android, iOS
TV: Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV
Desktop & Others: Windows, Mac, Xbox, Apple Vision Pro
Mobile: Android, iOS
TV: Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV
Desktop & Others: Windows, Mac, Xbox, Apple Vision Pro
Uptime 99.9%99.9%99.99%99.99%


CDN Built-in Amazon CDNBuilt-in Amazon CDNBuilt-in Amazon CDN Or Ability to use your ownBuilt-in Amazon CDN Or Ability to use your own
DRM Price Included US $0.01 per view
Monetization Engine
Reports Standard Standard and Custom Standard and Custom Standard and Custom
Staging Environment Available--
Personalized Infra Setup-Nearest Region for S3 Nearest Region for S3, ServerNearest Region for S3, Server, and custom Firewall (WAF) Rules


Ticketing System
Weekly Meetings--
Designated Account Manager--
Priority Support---
Critical Events SupportYes
(separate fees apply)
(separate fees apply)
(separate fees apply)
4 Sessions
Per Year


Customizations & Third-party Integrations-Yes
(separate fees apply)
(separate fees apply)
(separate fees apply)
Quick Customization & Updates taking less than 8 Dev hours are free.
Customization Start Time-Upto 4 weeks from date of paymentUpto 3 weeks from the date of paymentUpto 2 weeks from the date of payment
VAPT & ADA Reports ---Monthly VAPT and ADA reports (separate fees apply)
Platform Review & Consulting---

Premium Features

Content Partner Portal -
Policy Engine -
Advanced Live Chat Plugin -


Alie Recommendation Engine $99 per month
$0.001 per request
UGC $99 per month
eLearning $199 per month$199 per month$199 per month$199 per month

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The great thing that I love about Playout is that we can actually go and mimic the actual schedule of the festival, and so that was a very helpful and a really important aspect because being an International Film Festival, you don’t always have the filmmakers from all over the world being able to come in, and so it gives them a chance to watch the festival from home.

Brandon Goldsmith
Brandon Goldsmith

President, Fort Smith International Film Festival


Thanks to Muvi, we achieved our goals with ease. Their platform provided clear user feedback and usage data, helping us gain 15,000 web registrations, 10,000 Android users, and 5,000 iOS users. The robust analytics in Muvi’s content management system empowered us to make informed decisions, driving streaming for audio and video. We are highly satisfied with Muvi’s services.

Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan

Chief Executive Officer, EnterInfi


We wanted a platform that is reliable. We made the research and found Muvi, we felt Muvi was the best solution that met our requirements. The fact is that it is DRM Enabled, it protects content from getting downloaded, screen scraped or even screen sharing is not allowed.

Danji Thotapalli
Danji Thotapalli

Festival Director, Indic Film Utsav


Muvi provides geo-blocking allowing us to screen films in a specific country so that the future distribution and exhibition options of the films we screen are not hurt. It also provides DRM protection which is a security standard requested by filmmakers.

Ezgi Y
Ezgi Y

Director of Accessible Film Festival, Puruli Culture Art


Cheers to the Muvi team we are really grateful for all their services. We recommend Muvi to all the educational institutions thinking of a platform to use for addressing their digitalization needs, Muvi is the right platform for you with the perfect product & superb services

Vicson Mabanglo
Vicson Mabanglo

Operations Manager, Legal Edge Bar Review Center

A Recognition of Muvi's Quality from the Industry

Muvi has achieved global recognition as a leader in the markets it operates, as evidenced by the numerous awards and accolades bestowed upon both the company and its employees.

The awards and recognition serve as a source of inspiration for our team to aspire to greater heights and approach our client service with a bigger, bolder mindset every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Bandwidth cost is generally calculated on the total file size of a video being played back. An avg SD movie will consume a bandwidth of about 500mb.

Our plan pricing includes the website, preset templates that you can customize with your color options, storage, hosting on the cloud, Bandwidth, Security & CDN.

Yes all plans come with support for Mobile and TV Apps. Muvi One will build, and deploy these on respective app stores under your name. Please check our pricing table for more info on additional costing for Mobile / TV Apps.

No, all plans except Muvi One Starter includes Tech Support, Product updates and regular Maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about anything once you launch!

All plans includes all the charges currently; you will be required to pay additional fees only if you exceed the bandwidth as per our pricing table and any storage charges if applicable. Local taxes if applicable in your country / regions are to be paid by you directly to your respective tax authorities. Any customizations requests are chargeable separately, for which you will receive a detailed quote before any work starts and is billed to you.

You can request for a custom integration with your favourite Payment Gateway or CDN provider, our team will give you a detail quote for the same and integrate it upon your approval.

Muvi One supports all leading credit and debit cards, in case you want to make payments via any alternate methods, you can speak with us and request for PayPal or Wire Transfer Details.

eLearning module can be used by enterprises, corporations, educational institutions, and individual instructors to deliver On-demand & Live Courses. Corporations and enterprises can use it to develop their employee/partner training platforms, and educational institutions & instructors can develop a complete eLearning platform through which they can deliver distance learning courses and certifications. 

Major features of the eLearning module include course management, assessments, and certificate Management. See more features

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