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Boost your Content Library by Enabling Muvi’s Content Partner Portal – Experience the demo at NAB Show New York 2022 18 October 2022

NAB Show New York 2022


Muvi is all set to showcase its new feature – Muvi’s Content Partner Portal at the upcoming NAB Show 2022, New York. The feature allows OTT service providers to onboard content partners to their platform and lets them add and update content meta-data, upload videos and audio to the platform, view performance reports on content views, and set content monetization as well as track the revenues generated,  in real time. It is completely secure and you have complete access to control and restrict the access through the moderation and permission engine. The completely self-service option of the module makes it very easy for OTT service to add moderation and scale the content library by onboarding multiple content partners and not having to worry about the hassles of managing their content on a day-to-day basis. What’s more is that the module provides revenue sharing options as well and each content partner can be on a different revenue sharing % allowing for a very flexible and scalable option. 

Some of its notable features are – 


Easy Partner Onboarding 

Muvi allows easy onboarding of your content partner to your platform within a few clicks. You just have to enter their information and the steps that they require to follow will be sent to them via email. We also have the facility of allowing registrations for content partners from your platform.


NAB Show New York 2022


Moderate Partner Content Before Taking Live

Muvi provides you the opportunity to review the content uploaded by your content partners and choose whether you need to make it live or not. Once you approve or else decline, a notification will be sent to the partners. You can also select to let the content partners to upload content without approval.


Manage Partner Permission 

You have complete control to change the permissions for your content partners. With the permission engine, you can manage permissions like the kind of content you want them to upload, registrations as well as login, and revenue sharing.


Add Subscription Plans for Partners

You can provide subscription plans for your content partners in order to use the partner portal. You can add subscription plans as well as stipulate the plan fee, the number of contents allowed for the plan, and permissible streaming hours.


Share Revenue with Content Partners

You can share revenue with your content partners from the permission engine. Just you need to set the revenue percentage per transaction as well as content partners will be paid based on the set percentage. You can also share profits made through merchandise sales.


Dedicated Page for Content Partner 

Muvi allows you to provide a separate dedicated page for your respective content partners on the platform. This means, partners can customize the page with their logo, social media handles, etc. You can also enable the following option so that your audience can follow partner pages.


Partners Can Create their own Customizable Subscription Plan

You can also allow your content partners to curate subscription plans for their content, offering partners the freedom of monetizing their own content. So, your audience can purchase subscriptions from different channels.


Streamline Platform Based on Analytics Data

You can also let your content partners access the analytics data to check the performance of their content from their portal and get detailed insights into their content. They can see total views, revenue generated from the content, user behavior and overall screen time, and many more.

Book a meeting with Muvi at the NAB Show 2022 and find out how you can have a partner portal allowing content partners to stream videos on your website and application. Take a free trial to explore some jaw-dropping features of Muvi now!


NAB Show New York 2022

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Ankit Jena
Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 3+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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