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End-to-end solution includes web, mobile and TV apps, CMS and hosting. Fully managed!
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Muvi allows you to launch your own multi-screen OTT Video On Demand (VOD) Platform instantly!

Includes Hosting, CDN, Video CMS, Transcoding, DRM, Online Video Player, Website and Apps for Mobile and TV

No coding required. All inclusive. Fully managed.

Own your Brand Name

Muvi allows you to own and operate under your own brand name No more take control of your own identity with Muvi. Apps published onto app stores, are published under YOUR brand name and account, so your viewers see YOU and not Muvi as a brand anywhere!


Own your Subscribers

Unlike 3rd party services, where you don’t own your subscribers or have access to their details, with Muvi You own all the Subscribers and can access their details! This helps you directly contact your subscribers, understand their taste and sell to them directly! 


Own your Revenue

With Muvi, YOU collect the revenue directly from YOUR subscribers using YOUR own Payment gateway, no more relying on 3rd party service providers to pass on the rev share to you or wait for settlement and settlement timelines!


Own your Content

Since Muvi works on YOUR on brand and domain, you don’t license your content to anyone else but to yourself, No longer can 3rd parties dictate the terms of your business or own your content!


Own your Formats

No time and size restrictions, upload short or long duration, single or multiple videos, or episodes under a title (TV show format). Upload from your computer or Server. Upload MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB or any format that you have. YOU decide what type of content to have on YOUR platform!


Own your Business

YOU decide how much to charge for your content or keep it free, YOU decide the distribution restrictions (Geo’s) of your content. Muvi Works silently in the background while you focus on your own business


Launch your OTT Video Streaming Platform instantly!

Muvi is the only all-in-one video streaming platform in the world which allows you to launch White Label Multi-Screen OTT TV Everywhere based Video on Demand (VOD) Platform instantly, offering Video on Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming content, all controlled from a single Video CMS based admin panel.


Just sit back relax and with 1-click, watch us cast a spell !

Launch Instantly

Cloud Deployment, Launch in 1-click, No coding required.


Fully-featured Website

Get a responsive website which is preconfigured with over 100+ features.


Mobile & TV Apps

Native mobile & TV apps, built from the ground up specially for you.


Powerful CMS

Control everything from one single admin panel. From Servers and CDN to Website Templates and Mobile Apps all at your fingertips



Supports Subscription (SVOD), Transactional (TVOD/PPV) and Video Ads (AVOD). Coupon Codes and Multiple Payment Gateways


Full API

Take full control of your platform, use APIs to build video streaming capabilities into your own Web and Mobile apps


Cloud hosting & CDN

Hosted and delivered by world’s leading Cloud Infrastructure provider - Amazon Web Services


Fully Managed

Includes training, setup, deployment, support, maintenance and regular product updates


Studio Approved DRM

Studio Approved DRM is Hollywood's Stamp of approval to keep pirates at the bay.

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Fierce 15 Winner

Muvi, has been placed on the ‘Fierce 15’ list of top online video firms as the top ’Enterprise OTT’ platform, the list is compiled by Fierce Market’s online video arm FierceOnlineVideo.

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