Shopify Integration

Use our Shopify plugin to show Shopify products inside your Muvi store!

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Sell physical products on video streaming platforms

With Shopify integration, Muvi One allows displaying products from Shopify-powered websites in Muvi-powered websites. When your users click on the product from Muvi, they will get redirected to the Shopify-powered website.

Automatic product import

Muvi One will sync all the products automatically when a new product is added after a successful connection with Shopify. After the first successful import, the system will import the products that were not imported in the last sync.


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  • Sell physical products on video streaming platforms
  • Automatic product import
  • Muvi Shopify plugin
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Shopify mobile apps

When the user clicks on the product from Muvi, users can see the product in the native browser or will suggest the Shopify mobile app if installed.

Activate/deactivate directly from Muvi One CMS

Muvi One Users can install the Shopify Plugin from Muvi CMS >> Marketplace >> Manage Apps. The system will ask users to enter their Shopify 'Store Name’ & ‘Access Token’ with a ‘Connect' option. Upon successful authentication, the Shopify store will be connected, the user will see a success message and the ‘Activate’ button will change to ‘Deactivate’. Clicking on ‘Deactivate’ will disconnect your store from Shopify.

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