Analytics and Reports

Track and analyze the performance of your platform with detailed reports


Analyze content performance

Link your platform to Google Analytics and measure your platform’s performance on the go. Track your users on a daily basis. Get reports on which content is performing and which is not, which page of your website has got the most appeal, gauge your click-through-rate etc. Analyze and formulate your content strategy accordingly to get the best out of your streaming channel.


Understand user behavior

Track and understand actions like content views and watch duration with segmented data analysis by content, user, device type, and geography. Gain valuable information about audience preferences, popular content, user engagement, and geographical reach. Understand viewing patterns, optimize content strategy, and enhance user experiences to maximize your streaming success.


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Content and bandwidth stats

Each content performs differently and consumes a certain amount of bandwidth depending upon various factors such as device used for streaming, geography and content quality. Knowing which content is driving maximum views or is on the higher level of bandwidth consumption helps platform owners improve content quality providing a richer user experience and plan a better revenue strategy for the platform.


Information on user's devices

In the era of multi-devices and multi-screens, it is very difficult to understand what kind of device or platform a user prefers to consume content. With Muvi Flex’s analytics and reports, you get detailed information of the user's device and browser used to stream a video or audio content from your library.

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