CMS Management Services

From facilitating quick setup to managing your CMS, Muvi helps you scale your streaming service effortlessly. Our team of skilled developers & product experts deliver high-quality, customized CMS management services.

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Effortless Content Management with Muvi

Focus on your business priorities while we ensure seamless CMS setup and management for a hassle-free streaming experience

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Content Management Setup

Setting up the CMS for websites, mobile apps, and TV apps. Uploading video and audio files. Configuration of metadata, content banners, logos, posters, descriptions, trailers, cast, and crew for new content entries.

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Modification and Enhancement

Modifications to existing content. Re-uploads for video and audio files, logos, banners, posters, descriptions, trailers, and metadata for existing content. Establishing linkages between metadata and video/audio files, promoting organized content navigation.

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Multilingual Content Management

Adding subtitles to videos in SRT/VTT format, providing accessibility options. Creating and managing categories, languages. Addition of metadata in multiple languages for enhanced audience engagement.

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Website Customization and Management

Configuring the website domain name. Adding contents to default Muvi website templates. Implementing logo placement on the video player and enable watermarking for brand visibility.

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Monetization Setup

Configuration of payment gateways and multiple monetization options like SVOD, AVOD & TVOD. Creating policy rules on content types or categories and generating coupons/vouchers. Addition of Ad-Tags to contents for effective AVOD monetization.

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Security & Apps

Implement DRM and SSL installation as needed for secure content delivery. Guide and assist in opening developer accounts with app stores for comprehensive app publication.

What You Get

Dedicated Point of Contact

Customers benefit from a Single Point of Contact who understands and aligns the Content Management System and apps with their specific requirements. The SPOC ensures a personalized approach, offering guidance and support throughout the setup process to meet the unique needs of the customer.

Expert Support Team

Muvi's dedicated support team works diligently on the backend, handling the intricacies of store setup and CMS management as outlined in the service scope. The support team executes tasks efficiently, streamlining the technical aspects of CMS management to enhance the overall functionality of the platform.

Comprehensive CMS Management

Muvi's CMS Management services cover a comprehensive range of activities within the specified scope, including setting up and managing the store, uploading content, and ensuring the platform aligns seamlessly with the your objectives.

Seamless Collaboration

The SPOC and support team foster seamless collaboration with the customer, maintaining clear and effective communication channels. You receive a prompt and responsive assistance from the support team, ensuring a smooth and efficient CMS management process from setup to ongoing maintenance.

Other Service Offerings

Simplify your digital transformation to achieve exceptional outcomes quickly and efficiently with Muvi Services.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team works with you to ensure a hassle-free integration of streaming capabilities into your existing IT infrastructure and processes.

Design Services

By choosing our design services, you gain not only a skilled designer but also a collaborative partner dedicated to bringing your vision to life through thoughtful and impactful design solutions.

End-user Support Services

Multi-channel support for your streaming platform to address end-user queries & issues while you focus on content creation/ syndication/enhancements.


CMS Management Services

Choose Muvi's CMS Management Services and Elevate Your Streaming Experience – Seamlessly Tailored, Impeccably Managed, and 100% Revenue Yours! Embrace Effortless Excellence Today.

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  • Comprehensive CMS Management
  • Expert Support Team & SPOC
  • Seamless Collaboration
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