RTMP & RTSP Use Case

SNo.Use CaseInputOutputAvailable in Muvi Live
1Stream from my laptop camera to 1000s of end usersWebRTC, Web SocketHTTP(HLS)
2Stream from my IP camera to end users
Note – Some modern IP cameras support RTMP. So they can use #3 solution
3Stream from my broadcasting software(OBS, vMix, Muvi Live App etc) in laptop/mobile to end usersRTMPHTTP(HLS)Yes
4Stream my meeting(Zoom etc) to end usersRTMPHTTP(HLS)Yes
5Stream from my go pro camera to one digital signage in Bhubaneswar Esplanade mall which only accepts RTSP streams.RTMPRTSPNo
6I have a feed but it is not optimized for end-user delivery(it does not have CDN or is IP restricted to a single IP only) and I want to deliver it to 1000s of end users.HLS/MPDHLSYes

Muvi live supports the following combinations:

  • RTMP to HLS
  • RTSP to HLS
  • HLS to HLS
  • DASH to HLS

Note: All the inputs should be a live feed

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