Advanced Playback Options

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Customizable platform

Muvi Player SDK allows you to use your own customizations, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your video player. You can change colors, use your own logo and watermark etc. Ensure a seamless viewing experience while customizing the player to match your brand’s aesthetics.

Subtitle support

Muvi Player SDK offers extensive subtitle support, allowing your viewers to enjoy your content in multiple languages. With customizable subtitle options, viewers can adjust font size, color, and position as per their preference. Additionally, you can add subtitles in multiple subtitle formats, including SRT, ASS, SSA, and VTT.

Gesture controllable online video player

Enthrall your users with the most advanced player that includes a mobile-friendly, touch-optimized user interface. With a clear emphasis on multitasking, gesture control notably eases the way your user interacts with the device leading to the superior user experience.

Playback speed control

Muvi Player SDK offers playback speed control, allowing viewers to adjust the speed of the video playback to their preference. With this feature, your viewers have the flexibility to watch their favorite content at their own preferred pace, whether they want to slow down to catch every detail or speed up to breeze through a lecture.


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Enable/Disable Play/Pause button

With Muvi Player SDK, you have the flexibility to enable or disable the play/pause button to control user experience. Easily customize your player's functionality to suit your content and branding and provide a seamless playback experience to your audience.

Skip intro

Muvi Player SDK's "Skip Intro" feature allows viewers to jump right into the action, skipping over the opening credits and scenes to easily skip repetitive content without sacrificing the narrative flow.

Resume playback and autoplay

Allows your viewers to resume playback from where they left off, even if they switch devices. And with the autoplay feature, the next video in the playlist will automatically start playing, ensuring a smooth viewing experience for your audience without any interruptions.

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