Prevent piracy with dynamic watermarking


Dynamic watermarking

Dynamic watermarking provides an effective solution to safeguard your digital content from piracy. With this feature, you can insert non-removable, personalized watermark content during playback, making it difficult for pirates to distribute your content illegally. Muvi Player SDK allows you to customize and apply dynamic watermarks to any content in your library, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to secure your content with ease.

Forensic watermarking

Muvi Player SDK offers powerful forensic watermarking technology, providing an additional layer of protection against content piracy. This technology embeds unique identifiers into the video stream, allowing you to track and identify the source of any leaked or pirated content.


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Display email, IP addresses

Muvi Player SDK's watermarking feature allows you to display user information, such as email IDs and IP addresses, on your content during playback helping to deter piracy and ensure accountability. This customizable and non-removable watermarking technology is just one of the many ways Muvi Player SDK helps safeguard your content and protect your intellectual property.

Avoid screen capture and camera recording

Prevent screen capture and camera recording of your content with Muvi Player SDK's watermarking technology. This provides a robust solution to deter piracy and protect your content. You can easily customize and apply personalized watermarks to any content in your library.

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