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Ad pods

With Muvi Player SDK, you can create ad pods by combining several commercials and distribute them to your viewers at predetermined intervals. This helps increase ad impressions and ensures a seamless viewing experience.

Ad scheduling

Take complete control of your ad placements and plan commercials for playing at specific times. Muvi Player SDK gives you the freedom to customize your ad schedule to suit your content and audience preferences, whether you want pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll placements.


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Live streaming ad support

Expand your ability to monetize beyond on-demand content. With Muvi Player SDK, you can effortlessly inject advertisements during certain intervals throughout live streaming events to monetize them and create a continuous revenue stream.

Audio ads

Monetize your audio content efficiently and reach your audience through targeted audio advertisements. Unlock new revenue streams and maximize the earning potential of your audio content.

Ad integrations

Muvi Player SDK offers seamless integration with industry-leading ad platforms such as Google Ad Manager / IMA, AWS MediaTailor, SpotX, and Jio Ads. This enables you to leverage the power of these platforms to optimize your ad inventory and maximize your revenue potential.

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