Performance & Customization

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Seamless playback

Enjoy high-quality playback on a wide range of devices and platforms. Muvi Player SDK supports a wide range of playback formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI to provide a fluid and immersive viewing experience.

Optimal performance

Muvi Player SDK is designed for optimal performance to deliver smooth streaming with minimized buffering and loading times so your viewers can enjoy your content without any interruptions. Whether your viewers are accessing your content on desktop, mobile devices, or smart TVs, Muvi Player SDK ensures consistent performance, even in low-bandwidth conditions.

Branding customization

Personalize the player with your brand's visual elements. Upload your logo, choose custom player UI colors, and tweak the font to seamlessly integrate the player with your brand aesthetics.

Customize subtitle appearance

Enhance accessibility and style by customizing subtitle appearance. Adjust font, size, color, and format to ensure subtitles complement your content seamlessly

Customize watermarking

Make your mark on the content with customizable watermarking options. Choose between dynamic or static appearances, set custom colors, adjust parameters, and control opacity to strike the perfect balance between visibility and subtlety.

Customize play button

Fine-tune the play button to meet your design preferences. Increase or decrease its size, enable or disable it by default – Muvi Player SDK empowers you to tailor the play button to align with your user interface requirements.


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Update player UI with custom CSS and JS

Go beyond basic customization by leveraging custom CSS and JS to modify the player's user interface. Implement intricate changes and create a truly unique player experience.

Customize player controls

Exercise granular control over player controls. Hide the seek bar, modify keyboard controls, enable or disable Picture in Picture mode, and manage click interactions – tailor the player controls to meet the specific needs of your streaming platform.

Change player look for live content

Dynamically adapt the player for live content. Display a "LIVE" indication, modify live-specific features, and enhance the overall user experience during live streaming events.

Custom player language

Speak your audience's language by setting up the player to display tooltips, button names, error messages, and other text in the language of your choice. Muvi Player SDK supports a wide range of languages, ensuring a global reach.

Add any plugins

Extend the capabilities of Muvi Player by seamlessly integrating third-party plugins. Implement additional customizations and features to align the player with your unique streaming requirements.

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  • Use you own branding
  • Supports offline playback
  • Picture-in-picture support
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