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Advantages of customizable workflows in automation software 03 November 2021

customizable workflows


Workflows have positively influenced the work processes in several offices. It effortlessly synchronizes staff and helps them complete their tasks thus improving their productivity and eliminating errors.

Tattle helps you create customizable workflows that allow your organization to meet your team’s goal with unique processes. Additionally, Tattle helps you communicate easily with other applications in your business like project management tools, CRM, ERP, etc.

A Glance on the Features of the Customizable Workflows in Automation software


Custom workflow 

With Tattle you can easily fabricate, modify and implement customizable workflows as your business requirements. You can also enable your users to deal with multiple workflows at the same time.  This feature allows you to speed up the task management procedure.


Custom Tattle Boards 

Custom Tattle board features possess their individual set of processes as well as rules allowing creating anything from a support ticketing system to an Engineering Requests Management Solution. It also lets you reorganize aspects plus set permissions according to the user hierarchy. Additionally, you can create and customize Tattle boards without any coding.


Custom Attributes 

An attribute is defined as a specific element that characterizes a property of a field or else element. It provides a definite method to portray certain aspects of an element or establish the behavior of other classes operating on the element. With a customizable attribute feature, Tattle allows you to add attributes to several fields. With just a few clicks you can easily activate or deactivate the attributes from the Dashboard without any coding.  


Form Multiple Processes 

The most significant advantage of custom fields as well as attributes is that it allows you to form multiple exclusive processes comparable to any other workflow automation software accessible in the marketplace today. For instance, it lets you handle two ticketing procedures separately for customer support and Inter-departmental requests with any definite fields or else manage help desk and employee request tracking for human resources, entirely with a single subscription.


However, Tattle is not limited to those above mentioned features. It can deliver many more possibilities. Please check out our feature page to get in-detail information. Start a 14-days free trial for better convenience.  


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