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Build Mobile and TV Apps using Muvi Flex 29 October 2021

Build Mobile and TV Apps using Muvi Flex


With Muvi Flex’s Mobile and TV Apps Feature, it’s now possible to launch mobile and TV apps for your website. Also, If you have already built native mobile and TV apps, you can power the app using Muvi Flex.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Exclusive Features of Mobile and TV Apps:


1. Seamlessly Integrate Mobile and TV apps

With Muvi Flex, you can easily integrate your mobile and TV apps with your CMS and deliver the same content offered on websites. Muvi Flex supports integration with a variety of ecosystems empowering you to integrate apps swiftly without any coding knowledge!


Use Case: Jeremy subscribes to Muvi Flex and integrates his Roku TV app with the CMS is a jiffy without any hassles.


2. You Can Build Native Mobile and TV Apps

With Muvi Flex, you can launch native mobile or TV Apps if you don’t already have one. You can either subscribe to Muvi One and launch a host of native apps easily or reach out to the Muvi Flex team and we will build and launch the apps on your behalf. Flex supports native apps across 20+ platforms, devices, and ecosystems such as iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV (tvOS), Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and more.


Use Case: Mika owns a streaming website but does not have an app. Mika subscribes to Muvi Flex and the Muvi Flex team helps her launch an iOS video streaming app and helps her reach out to her customers who stream content in mobiles.


3. Integrated Billing

With Muvi Flex, you can enable multiple monetization models for your mobile and TV apps so that your customers can choose the most viable option. Also, to make things easier, your viewers will be able to stream and make payments right from the mobile app itself. 

Use Case: With the help of Muvi Flex, Claude’s customers can now enable subscriptions to his Android app and make payments right from the app itself.


4. Round-The-Clock Support

If you face any technical difficulties while handling your mobile and TV apps, Muvi Flex will provide round-the-clock support and solve all problems. We have a dedicated team of engineers who will provide you support with whatever issues you face while streaming. Also, an added advantage, our multilingual support team helps you resolve your query in your own native language.

Use Case: Leo had some difficulties uploading video content on Muvi Flex’s CMS. He raised a ticket and Muvi Flex’s Support team reached out to him instantly and solved the technical glitch in just a few minutes.


Not limited to these features, Muvi Flex’s Mobile and TV Apps feature  can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Mobile and TV Apps to know more.


Yet to know more on scheduling? Take a 14-day Free Trial of Muvi Flex, now!

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