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Number of U.S TV Homes with multiple SVODs continues to grow

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 21 July,2017

A continued growth has been seen in Multiple subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services in U.S TV homes. According to a recent study, 38% of TV homes subscribe to 2 or more major subscription VOD services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Those that have a subscription to all three platforms have more than doubled the percentage of …


US broadband households subscribing to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu on the rise

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 14 July,2017

Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services are rapidly growing in the US according to Parks Associates that reveals that 59% of US broadband households subscribe to Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. According to the analyst’s OTT Video Market Tracker, only 6% of US broadband households subscribe to offerings other than the top three, only 3% subscribe to one …


Cord cutting – History, Current Scenario and What to expect in the future

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 04 July,2017

Cutting the cord or canceling your cable or satellite TV service in favor of a streaming service seems to be the trending topic these days. Cord-cutting is an actual phenomenon. It implies dumping a traditional TV subscription or cable service to switch over to a streaming service to consume your content or watch TV programs …


Young viewers are being lured back to TV by networks

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 03 July,2017

Streaming full episodes of new shows online or on apps before they are aired on TV is the step Discovery Communications and Time Warner’s Turner are taking to attract younger viewers. CBS Corp’s Showtime which is one of the premium channels has been doing this for years to attract new subscribers. However, cable networks have …


Facebook’s live streaming for sports becoming very popular

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 03 July,2017

Facebook made an announcement that it would stream Premier League games through its NBC Sports Gold platform. Facebook has collaborated with Fox Sports to stream UEFA Champions League games on Facebook Live in the US. Separate deals to stream Major League Soccer matches, MLB games and World Surf League events have been signed by Facebook. …


Anti-Piracy alliance formed by major content providers

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 15 June,2017

An Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) which is a global association created for reducing online piracy has been formed by around 30 content creators and on-demand entertainment companies. Some of the big names include Amazon, Bell Canada, CBS Corporation, Foxtel, Hulu, NBC Universal, Sky, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Village Roadshow amongst others. As the number …


Cable usage on the decline, video streaming on the rise

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 12 June,2017

Internet users prefer streaming video than cable according to a new research conducted by CBS. According to a study by Fluent LLC based on cable and TV habits of internet users, 67% of people from all age groups used some form of video streaming like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon whereas only 61% had a cable …


Young millennials prefer OTT rather than broadcast content: Study

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 07 June,2017

A new study based on the media consumption and content discovery habits of young millennials in the age group of 18-24 years, suggested that OTT (over-the-top) platforms are the most common way for them to consume TV content (71%) wherein one out of two watched entertainment either on desktop or mobile devices (exclusively). Some other …


Saudi Arabians prefer viewing online video content on smartphones and tablets – Ampere Analysis

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 06 June,2017

According to a 13-country study by Ampere Analysis, internet users in Saudi Arabia are the top users for accessing TV and video content online as well as viewing content on their smartphones and tablets. 87% of viewers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) watch online video content on their smartphones according to the survey. …

Downloadable video apps have great growth potential

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 05 June,2017

A great buzz has been created in the SVOD industry segment due to Amazon, Netflix and Comcast’s efforts to offer consumers downloadable video. However analysts and video vendors remain skeptical on the extent of its potential expansion. Netflix announced in November that it would offer download-to-go (D2G) video service feature soon after Amazon introduced this …

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