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Features of a Best-in-Class Cloud Playout Solution 29 September 2020

  The need to move to a more software-centric platform for broadcasters is rapidly gaining pace. With the proliferation of VoD services, broadcasters have started to adopt cloud playout solutions to launch their online TV channels instantly and broadcast content 24X7. But when it comes to choosing a best-in-class cloud playout solution, some basic features …

Challenges Ahead For The Cloud TV Industry 20 August 2015

  Read any technology trends piece and you’d be forgiven for thinking that all roads lead to the cloud. Be it email, gaming, word processing or photo storage, it seems that we’re rapidly moving to an economy based on services, not commodities. Television seems the next logical step and although the market is still relatively …

Demand for Internet Browsing and Media Streaming to Drive Global Cloud TV 17 June 2015

Cloud TV is a software platform that is suitable to be placed on smart devices such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, media boxes, and others. The software platform eliminates the need for video streaming service providers and cable operators to devise and manage numerous guides for each device. The cloud TV software system is designed to …

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