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Features of a Best-in-Class Cloud Playout Solution

Sreejata Basu Published on : 29 September 2020
Features of a Cloud Playout Solution


The need to move to a more software-centric platform for broadcasters is rapidly gaining pace. With the proliferation of VoD services, broadcasters have started to adopt cloud playout solutions to launch their online TV channels instantly and broadcast content 24X7. But when it comes to choosing a best-in-class cloud playout solution, some basic features have to be kept in mind before opting for one. This blog will educate you on the must-have features for your cloud playout platform.


What is Cloud Playout?

Traditionally, playout is a term in broadcasting that refers to the transmission of radio or TV channels produced by a broadcaster into terrestrial networks that helps in delivering content to the viewers. 

A cloud-based playout solution is a virtual interface that automates both live & on-demand content ingestion, media asset management, scheduling, encoding, and cross-platform delivery in a complete cloud setup. It receives a playlist from your media library, ingests live feeds, downloads media assets and graphics from storage, and plays out the channels on the web, mobile, and connected TVs seamlessly.

With the help of Muvi Playout, you can launch and run your very own LIVE TV Channel and distribute it digitally across your own branded platforms like websites, mobile apps (iOS and Android), and smart TV apps (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV) instantly!


Both VoD and Live Content Scheduling for Cloud Playout Solution

Opt for a cloud playout solution provider that lets you host both VoD and Live content basing on your event calendar prepared in advance. A cloud playout solution where channels can be launched instantly using existing media management and delivery infrastructure through a fully virtualized playout is the need of the hour.

Muvi Playout allows you to launch your live TV channel and broadcast pre-scheduled on-demand content sequentially in real-time over the internet. Comes with an auto integrated electronic program guide (EPG) with the ability to personalize channels, programs per user by using our data science platform.



Stream on Multiple Platforms

Nowadays, streaming content on just one platform does not suffice, as there is a range of different devices and platforms from which users consume content. It is therefore imperative to choose a cloud playout platform that delivers a frame-perfect, coherent online TV experience that is supported across channels and devices-be it the web, mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and Smart TV platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV without any hassles!


Automated Scheduling, QC and Monitoring

Automated alerts, QC configurations, and scheduling for effective playout management is a must-have feature for cloud playout platforms. These features make the platform more agile and able to speed up broadcast workflows through advanced automation techniques at all stages of the broadcast workflow. In this way, you have full transparency and don’t need to wait for our end of the month report.


Tailored Content Based on Geography

Choose a cloud playout software that scores high in terms of delivering customized content and implementing ad replacement. Nowadays, viewers like watching personalized content—with cloud playout, broadcasters can address the growing demand for tailored content, by delivering personalized programming and advertising that appeals to the viewers’ interests and geographical location. This option comes in handy for localizing your channels for every geography with time-shifting and opt-outs as per necessity.


What Muvi Playout has to Offer

Built in the cloud, Muvi Playout allows you to create multiple live channels from your existing on-demand content and stream across a variety of platforms like web, mobile, and TVs to millions of viewers instantly. All you have to do is to select the video you want to schedule, choose the time slot, and hit the play button. 

Muvi Playout uses its vast content delivery capabilities across satellite, fiber and IP distribution networks that make broadcast content possible to any location on any device.

To explore more about Muvi Playout, take a 14-day Free Trial!


Written by: Sreejata Basu

Sreejata is the Manager for Muvi’s Content Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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