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Is Your Online Beauty and Cosmetics Store Recommending the Right Products? 17 June 2021

  Beauty is always personal! Just as no two women or men are alike, the beauty industry can’t really make profits without paying attention to customization and individual expression. If you look closely at the way big beauty brands strategize their offerings, there is a constant effort for innovation and bringing new and relatable products …

Recommendation Engine: Why should you consider it for your online business? 16 June 2021

  Apart from buying what they want, customers shop products that are recommended by friends and close ones to a great extent. As there is a trust factor involved, their choices are influenced by what people around them buy. Relatable? Clearly buying behavior is influenced by recommendations. And your online business is not an exception …

Demystifying Netflix’s Recommendation Engine 14 June 2021

Have you ever wondered how is it possible for Netflix to predict such accurate recommendations every time you open its app or website? Well, it’s because of its terrific AI recommendation engine. Netflix’s recommendation engine accounts for more than 80% of the TV shows discovered on the platform. Netflix has an amazing content inventory with …

Evolution of a Recommendation Engine 13 June 2021

  It is no secret that the world is a smaller place because of the internet. A person sitting in Iran can order Merchandise from the United States and vice versa. There are infinite numbers of things and data available on the internet. This abundant availability of data and the need to segregate it is …

Alie is NOT Your Traditional Recommender Service 08 June 2021

  Do you know 75% of Netflix users watch content suggested by its own recommendation engine? If that’s not enough to floor you, here is another one. Out of $37.1 billion revenue generated by Amazon in the second quarter of 2017, 35% of the total consumers, purchased products recommended by its smart product recommendation system. …

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