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Benefits of Recommendation Engine 17 October 2021

  In our previous blogs, we have explained the evolution of the recommendation engine and what it is. However, there is another essential factor that every store owner must know: the benefits of a recommendation engine. Before anyone decides to … Continue reading

A Detailed Guide on AI-based Recommendation System 29 September 2021

White paper on Recommendation System Have you ever wondered how some websites know what you might want before you even think about it? For example, you wish to buy a book and visit an e-commerce website. Once you log in, … Continue reading

Role of recommendation engine in personalizing the streaming experience 16 August 2021

  Today, viewers have complete freedom to watch the latest movies and listen to their favorite music on preferred devices – Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, or Connected TVs, every time and everywhere. But back in 2005, when the premium movies & … Continue reading

Boost Revenue of your Online Food Delivery App with Recommendation Engine 16 August 2021

  Be it hectic work-life schedules, preferred past time activity or for any celebration, online food ordering apps are now the ”Go-to” for almost every individual.  They don’t have to make the same conventional choice of meals from regular restaurants. … Continue reading

Recommendation Engine: Why should you consider it for your online business? 16 August 2021

  Apart from buying what they want, customers shop products that are recommended by friends and close ones to a great extent. As there is a trust factor involved, their choices are influenced by what people around them buy. Relatable? … Continue reading

Advantages of Using a Recommendation Engine 16 August 2021

  It is vital to understand that to grow an online business, one needs to adapt to the ever-changing innovations and technology pertaining to the same industry. A recommendation engine is one such advancement that has been in the industry … Continue reading

Role of Recommendation System in Banking 19 July 2021

The banking sector has always been one of the most crucial and integral parts of our lives. Managing finance is probably the biggest challenge for many, so we often needed advice. The digitization has been a boon for the banking … Continue reading

How Can You Use a Recommendation Engine to Deliver Personalized Experience? 16 July 2021

  The need to cope with ongoing trends in the market has led people to watch and buy products that their friends might like. Alie has taken this into account and built an algorithm named ‘other user’s choice.’ This algorithm … Continue reading

How AI-based recommendation system is transforming e-learning 28 June 2021

  Did you know that the e-learning industry crossed over 250 billion USD in 2020? According to the data from Global Market Insights, the e-learning market saw a considerable profit during the pandemic and will continue to grow. Two of … Continue reading

Book Recommendation Engine: How to Help Your Customers Pick the Right One for Them? 22 June 2021

  Though this may be a common practice, what actually works behind the scenes to serve such recommendations online is a book recommendation engine.  Be it any product or service, before making any purchase, customers generally tend to ask friends … Continue reading