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Benefits of Recommendation Engine 17 October 2021

  In our previous blogs, we have explained the evolution of the recommendation engine and what it is. However, there is another essential factor that every store owner must know: the benefits of a recommendation engine. Before anyone decides to … Continue reading

How to Integrate Recommendation Engine with Wix 30 September 2021

  Did you know that Wix has been awarded as ‘The most popular on the entire internet in hosted solution’ category? So, as a customer, you need not worry about being at a good place, but what you should worry … Continue reading

Challenges of Using a Recommendation System 16 August 2021

  The importance of a recommendation system has increased over the years and will continue owing to its various features. A recommendation system can help you improve your revenue by suggesting the customer a perfect product or service; it can … Continue reading

What is Retail Business Intelligence? 16 August 2021

  B2B SaaS and digital stores are the new trends – or you can say, a necessity as everything is getting digitized. Businesses worldwide are now aiming to step their foot in the digital world, while some are eyeing expanding … Continue reading

What are the different types of recommendation engines? 16 August 2021

  We have been discussing what recommendation systems are for a while. But what approach does a recommendation engine have to handle the task of sorting and recommending items to the users? It won’t be wrong to say that understanding … Continue reading

Different Types of Data and Acquisition Methods 16 August 2021

  It is a well-known fact that the entire SaaS industry revolves around data. Data is what helps in running a business, target the correct audience, and it also elevates the marketing strategies. But have you ever wondered how the … Continue reading

Role of Recommendation Engine in OTA 26 July 2021

  The Online Travel Agency(OTA) has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last few years, and so has the recommendation engine. You can consider any industry in today’s world; all of them have one thing in common – … Continue reading

How Alie Leverages On User’s History to Recommend Suitable Products 19 July 2021

  When you look at someone’s browsing history, you will get to know more about the person than their social media account. Alie took this information into consideration and built an ‘end user interaction‘ algorithm. What Alie does is to … Continue reading

How Can a Recommendation Engine Help in Product Discovery?  05 July 2021

  When a new song is released by Zayn Malik or The Weekend, the whole world knows about it. However, when someone relatively new in the industry releases their music, it might even go unnoticed. This is because people didn’t … Continue reading

Need of Recommendation System in 2021 17 June 2021

  Recommendation System not only suggests products and services but also drives traffic. Thus, it also acts as a marketing tool for businesses.    How much time does it take for you to buy a dress from offline stores? Two … Continue reading