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‘Scream Queens’ Audience Beefs Up With Early Multiplatform Views 13 October 2015

  Some encouraging news for Fox’s Scream Queens: in addition to a strong first showing in its first live-plus-three day ratings, Fox is touting sizable video streaming platform audience growth for the horror comedy. Scream Queens, which saw a disappointing live-plus-same day debut, improved 59 percent among adults 18-49 in Nielsen Media’s first round of DVR …

Netflix Can’t Be Snubbed This Easy, Cable Will Have To Reconsider 13 October 2015

  There has recently been a shift in tone by major cable companies when they talk about their relationship with Netflix. Cable executives seem to have woken up to the fact that their licensing deals with Netflix bolster the catalog of a company that could do serious damage to their business. The analysts write that …

Netflix and The Net Neutrality Campaign Don’t Add Up 12 October 2015

  Net Neutrality campaigners made us believe that the ruling by the FCC earlier this year would be good for consumers because video streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon would not be charged more by carriers and therefore would not have to charge their customers more. Back then, Netflix had to pay a decent sum to internet service …

YouTube Threatened By MCNs Leaving For Own Multiscreen Platform 09 October 2015

  Parallel to the OTT and multiscreen revolution, user-generated content evolved into professional-standard UGC and YouTube stars and channels were born, appealing to millennials. The talent made some money, then hooked up with people who could make them more thanks to experience in business generally and media sales and distribution in particular. The result was …

Netflix Seems To Know Which Episode Of A TV Series Hooks You In! 25 September 2015

  VOD platform Netflix has unveiled the results of a study that proves it’s not the pilot episode of a show that gets viewers invested. In an analysis of viewer behavior, Netflix has found a consistency in the episodes that keep viewers hooked until the season ends. Generally, it’s an early episode, but never the …

Top 5 Challenges for the VoD Industry Today 17 June 2015

  The popularity of Video On Demand viewing with a high social quotient is exponentially increasing. Real-time sports, reality shows, dramas, sitcoms, and children’s programs are amongst the most popular genres in social television today. This leads to a series of competitive scenarios between all the major players, including content providers, content packagers, software and …

Content Security, Challenges for a VoD Business and the Muvi Solution 15 April 2015

Today’s world of digital video is expanding rapidly. Every year brings a new set of devices and even device types, every time with more bandwidth, more computing power, higher-resolution displays and even more portability. Network operators and service providers including the traditional cable, satellite and IPTV providers, the terrestrial broadcasters (managed networks), and the Internet-based …

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