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AR more potential than VR – says Apple

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 15 February,2017

In an interview with the UK newspaper, The Independent, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that Augmented Reality (AR) is compatible to many apps as compared to Virtual Reality (VR). “I’m excited about augmented reality because unlike virtual reality which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement …


Content Availability to lead 110mn VR Device Shipments by 2021

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 13 February,2017

After having declared as a content-starved market, the virtual reality (VR) is going to experience a swath of new and compelling content choices, according to a recent ABI research. In its AR & VR devices report, ABI forecasts the total VR device shipments to reach 110 million mark by 2021. While Samsung Gear VR and Google …


Europe Grows to now 300 VR Providers

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 10 February,2017

According to a recent report, Europe’s virtual reality (VR) ecosystem grows to now having 300 VR provider companies. According to the Silicon Valley based The Venture Reality Fund, games are the most competitive VR space with companies such as nDreams (United Kingdom), CCP Games (Iceland), Resolution Games (Sweden) and Solfar Studios (Iceland). The user input technology, which …


Super Bowl 2017 to stream in Ultra HD VR

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 08 February,2017

This year’s Super bowl, the 51st iteration of the American football championship becomes the first to get Ultra HD virtual reality (VR) coverage. FOX Sports and LiveLike teamed up to offer a virtual and interactive lounge to show the historic match between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. The VR lounge presented highlights from the game …


China’s VR Market to 4-fold in 2017

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 03 February,2017

According to a recent IDC forecast, China’s VR industry is expected to 4-fold in 2017 as more major players enter the industry and as original content drives growth. The VR industry in China experienced a roller coaster ride in 2016, starting off great by dipping till the end of year. However, according to the IDC report, VR …


AR to be the ‘primary driver’ of VR/AR market by 2021

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 18 January,2017

According to a new research, mobile augmented reality (AR) could be the primary driver of the virtual reality (VR) and AR market by 2021, which is going to be worth US$108 billion (€101 billion). According to Digi-Capital’s new Augmented/Virtual Reality Report – 2017, AR will account for some US$83 billion of the combined AR/VR market, VR …


NextVR to introduce Paid Live Events soon

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 16 January,2017

The virtual reality live streaming startup NextVR is getting ready to host paid live events soon. The company also revealed its intentions to add more subscription content. NextVR has stuck a deal with NBA to stream its live games last year and it best known for its sports live streams. The company stated that the usage …


Immersive Video Technologies driving Enhanced Ad Engagement

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 11 January,2017

According to a new research, Virtual reality (VR) and other immersive technologies are driving much better user engagement for video advertising. The study was conducted for immersive technologies including mobile virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360° video and found out that individuals engage more and pay greater attention on immersive advertising. The data of …


VR headset revenues to hit $660 million mark

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 06 January,2017

According to a recent Consumer Technology Association, the US Virtual Reality headset sales are set to reach 2.5 million units in 2017, 79% up from 2016. According to CTA’s latest ‘US Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts’ report, virtual and augmented reality are growing at an exponential rate year on year and VR headset sales are set to …


NFL games to Live Streaming on China’s Sina Weibo Network

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 04 January,2017

Sina Weibo, which is also called as China’s Twitter is going to host the next NFL games live broadcast including the Super Bowl. First time a sports league will live stream games on the service and Sina is also going to acquire rights to stream non-game video-on-demand clips, highlights and other NFL content. Six games have …


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