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Alie is a Recommendation Engine for travel & tourism websites to show recommendations to their customers. Alie can help your customers choose their next travel destination, nearby Point of Interest (POI), restaurants and accommodation, etc.

Alie utilizes predictive algorithms to analyze the user interactions like trip detail view, bookmarks, or purchases and item properties such as category, reviews, location, availability, or price to recommend the most relevant items.



  • Segment your Travelers
  • Catalog your Travel & Other Offerings
  • Help Travelers Find Interesting Destinations

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Segment your travellers

Segment your Travelers

Identify users and their accounts across your travel portal, match anonymous and known users to named profiles, tailor customer identity matching policies, and build more accurate customer records. Create tourist profiles classify them into stereotypes such as Backpackers, Family Travelers, Adrenaline seekers, Long term travelers, Elderly Travelers, etc.

Segment your travelers

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Catalog your travel &_other offerings

Catalog your travel & other offerings

Catalog your Travel & Other Offerings

Automatically catalog all trips and itineraries, featured videos, trip categories, trip price, attraction types, and their associated metadata to power machine learning algorithms. Catalog Information about the tourist destinations, categorize them, add titles/search tags, visa rules, the best time to visit, safety-related info, etc.

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Help travelers find interesting destinations

Help Travelers Find Interesting Destinations

Travelers are always in a search of interesting travel destinations. Alie can help them find those with ease. Alie records all your customer information, destinations they traveled, places they bookmarked, and blogs they follow. Alie analyses all this information to recommend destinations that your customers would like to visit.

Help travelers find_interesting destinations

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