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Unified Digital Signage Management

Tired of Managing Each Screen Individually? Muvi Flex Delivers Centralized Control for Effortless Updates across Your Network

Transform any TV to a Digital Signage

Transform any TV screen into a powerful marketing tool, effortlessly managed from the cloud. Simply curate your videos into playlists with an intuitive web interface, add, edit, and rearrange your videos for instant, real-time updates across your entire screen network and deliver them in real time via the cloud to your TVs or Connected Screens. Embrace the ease and flexibility of cloud-based digital signage with Muvi Flex.


In-store digital signage influences purchasing decisions for 68% of customers.


Dwell time increases by 30% with the use of digital signage.


Digital signage has been proven to enhance brand awareness by 48%.

Top Features

Central Cloud Management

Manage a single screen or network of screens instantly from a single console hosted on the cloud, anytime anywhere

Curate Playlists for Real-time Updates

Curate multiple playlists, add, edit, delete, replace, and sort videos. Deliver the changes in real-time to your network

Big-screen-worthy Content

With resolution support up to 4K, deliver stunning videos to captivate viewers and retain them.

Automatic Video Resolution Scaling

From 4k to 144p, videos adjust to each devices screen size, type, resolution and internet speed providing for a lag free experience

Streamline. Manage. Distribute.

Ready to revolutionize digital signage management? Connect with our experts today and discover how you can manage your media assets effortlessly with Muvi Flex.

Dynamic Content Management

  • Centralized Dashboard: Access all your digital signage content from one convenient location. Faster upload times, multiple upload options, content review & publish workflow.
  • Real-Time Updates: Easily update content in real time to keep information fresh and relevant.
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Major Platforms Compatible

  • Multi-Screen Management: Manage content across multiple screens with ease, ensuring consistency across your network.
  • Devices: Stream content on any type of device be it - TVs, Billboards, Vertical stands and Hand-help devices, etc.
  • Superior Quality: Experience unparalleled engagement with stunning HD, and 4K streaming quality.
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Scalable and Secure

  • Scalability: Scale your digital signage network to accommodate any size or scope of deployment, from single screens to large-scale networks.
  • User Authentication: Ensure secure access to content management features with user authentication and role-based permissions.
  • Content Encryption: Protect sensitive content with built-in encryption capabilities, ensuring data security and compliance with industry regulations.
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Effortless Updates across Your Digital Signage Network

Experience the future of Digital Signage Management with Muvi Flex. Unlock a world of possibilities for organizing, sharing, and maximizing the impact of your Digital Signages.

Sign up for a free trial today and experience the power of seamless digital signage management and sharing.

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