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Protect your videos from piracy and unauthorized access with DRM protection

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Support for audio and video content

Support for audio and video content

Muvi Flex DRM empowers you with robust protection, ensuring your valuable audio and video assets remain shielded from piracy and unauthorized duplication. Preserve the exclusivity of your media assets with robust license enforcement, and mitigating the risks of potential legal liabilities associated with copyright infringement while securing your revenue.

Versatile content support (1)

Versatile content support

Muvi Flex's multi-DRM is your shield against piracy for both on-demand and live streaming content. Rest easy knowing that unauthorized access from any platform or device is effectively blocked. Your content remains exclusive to authorized subscribers.

Supports multiple DRM providers (1)

Supports multiple DRM providers

Muvi Flex supports almost all DRM providers such as Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady for major web, browsers, and mobile OS. So, you can stay rest assured that your content is protected across all browsers.

Protection from screen recording

Protection from screen recording

Your viewers will not be able to record videos using any third-party software. Even if they try to screen record your videos, the output recording will appear blank. Muvi Flex also offers protection from taking screenshots.


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Visible and forensic watermarking (2)

Visible and forensic watermarking

Elevate your content protection strategy by incorporating visible and forensic watermarks. Muvi Flex enables you to imprint dynamic watermarks on videos, including user information such as email addresses and IP addresses. Detect and track unauthorized content distribution effortlessly.

Universal compatibility (1)

Universal compatibility

Muvi Flex's multi-DRM compatibility extends across a spectrum of devices and formats. Whether it's Android, iOS, or Microsoft Silverlight technologies, our DRM solution seamlessly operates on mobiles, PCs, connected TVs, consoles, and set-top boxes—supporting all codecs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a comprehensive approach to protecting digital content by employing multiple DRM technologies. It ensures that content remains secure and accessible only to authorized users across various platforms and devices.

Muvi Flex's built-in DRM safeguards your videos through encryption and licensing mechanisms. It encrypts your video content, making it inaccessible to unauthorized users, and manages licensing to control access. With Muvi Flex's DRM, you can define specific access policies, such as rental periods or device limitations, ensuring that your content is protected at all times.

Muvi Flex's DRM solution supports a wide range of video formats, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with industry standards. It can protect popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, and more, enabling you to securely deliver your content to diverse audiences across various platforms and devices.

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