Encoding and Transcoding

Say goodbye to encoding queues with 2x faster encoding


Progressive encoding

Experience faster video streaming and a seamless user experience with progressive encoding. Reduce encoding time by 50-60% by delivering low-quality output first, allowing immediate streaming, followed by high-quality outputs. Leverage seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience with reduced wait times while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Video encoding

Per Title Encoding

Per title encoding offers an intelligent encoding method that will study the uploaded video and encode it as per the best approach dynamically, leading to significant savings in bandwidth, storage, and less buffering in player.


Auto transcoding

Once you upload a video file to the CMS, it will be automatically encoded and transcoded into multiple formats and resolutions. The uploaded video will be converted into all resolutions right from 144p to 4K. After being transcoded, videos will be played for viewers at the best resolution based on their network speed and connectivity.


Lossless Audio

Audio compression and encoding done using lossless method preserves the original quality of the audio while reducing the file size. It allows admins to encode audio content with high quality, ensuring a premium listening experience for end users.


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Optimize video quality

By creating multiple renditions of your videos in different resolutions, you can optimize the video quality for each viewer. This way, viewers with fast internet connections can play very high-resolution videos while those with slower network connections can access lower-quality videos.


Compatibility across devices

If a video is not encoded, then the video will be played in the original format, which may not be supported on all devices. However, if the video is encoded and available on multiple resolutions, your viewers will be able to stream the video from the device of their choice without any hassles.


Set up encoding profiles

You can set up one or more encoding profiles in the CMS and configure everything that needs to be done once a video is uploaded right from the output formats and resolutions to Digital Rights Management (DRM). For each profile, you will be able to configure the output formats such as HLS, MPEG DASH, or both. You can also choose multiple resolution formats, such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, up to 4K, for the video content.

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