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Import and Export MRSS Feeds (1)

Import and export MRSS feeds

Seamlessly integrate diverse content by importing MRSS Feed URLs. Generate revenue by exporting your curated content to third-party platforms effortlessly while streamlining content management for more flexibility and reach.

Multi Platform Integration

Multi-platform integration

Flex supports various MRSS feed output formats, including XML and JSON, making it compatible with a range of platforms such as Websites, Google TV, Rlaxx TV, Roku TV, and more.


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Customizable Feed Generation (1)

Customizable feed generation

Administrators have the flexibility to generate MRSS Feed URLs with selected content, tailoring the presentation to meet their audience's preferences. Leverage predefined filters to refine and enhance the content selection process.

Copy and Share URLs (1)

Copy and share URLs

Easily copy and share MRSS Feed URLs with third parties, opening up avenues for collaborations, partnerships, and revenue generation. Expand your reach and enhance your platform's visibility.

Filtering Options

Filtering options

Generate MRSS Feed URLs with selected contents or apply predefined filters to tailor the feed according to your audience's preferences.

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