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Block entire site/platform or individual content.

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Have you ever wondered why some of Netflix’s shows & movies are not available in your state? It’s because of geo-blocking that is enabled at the content level on Netflix. Similarly, we understand that as you acquire content, you may do so only for specific countries or regions, which is why it’s quite important for you to manage geographic restrictions on your OTT Platform.

With Muvi, you can easily manage this from your CMS. Muvi supports this at two levels: 

1) Block entire website and apps from displaying in any countries and

2) Block individual content from appearing in specific countries.

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  • Block Entire Website and Apps
  • Block Individual Content
  • Whitelist Countries
  • Blacklist Countries
  • Change on-the-go

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Block Entire Website and App

With Muvi, you can block your entire website or apps in any specific country or region instantly, and change this setting at will. This means that any country or region out of your whitelist shall not be able to access content from your platform or app. A simple message of “Currently Not Available in Your Country” says it all.


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Block Individual Content

Muvi understands that you might want to restrict some content from your platform for which you don’t hold geographic distribution licenses. With Muvi, you get a free hand to block that specific content in a country or region. By doing so, you still get the opportunity to generate traffic from that country based on other content that is allowed over there.

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Whitelist / Blacklist IPs

You can blacklist IP addresses of any region if you no longer wish to provide them access to your content. Similarly if you wish to provide access to any of the blacklisted IPs, you can again whitelist them, all from a single CMS console.


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Restrict Access to Kart

Muvi understands that you might also want to restrict some countries or few physical merchandises to certain countries where you cannot deliver or ship goods. With Muvi, you get a free hand to block that specific country for which you do not have rights to provide shipment. With this, you still get to provide access to specific content from your platform to monetize your site traffic!

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Restrict Content Download

If you offer digital content such as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, ZIP, etc. for users to download and own, you can restrict these content as per rules set in geo-blocking. So if you do not wish to offer "Download" option for certain content in a country, you can block the same easily using this feature.

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