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What is Apple TV and How Does it Work? – Everything You Need to Know! 06 June 2023

Apple TV – what thought first strikes your mind when you hear this name? Though the world is already wrapped in the realms of streaming, Apple TV has a lot of confusion surrounding it. Many people fail to understand what … Continue reading

Why HDR is a bigger breakthrough than 4K 13 September 2017

Of late, 4K has been the big thing in display technology. It refers to the pixel count that a television display can accommodate. 4K = 3840 X 2160 pixels It essentially represents 3840 horizontal pixels running across 2160 vertical pixels. … Continue reading

MLB Advances Looks To Stay On Top Of The Streaming Business 01 October 2015

  Baseball is ahead of the curve when it comes to streaming video.¬†With the Major League Baseball season coming to a close, the league will see 20% to 25% growth in the number of subscribers for its Internet and mobile … Continue reading