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OTT Market Growth Projection for India & South Asia 29 March 2023

Get the latest insights on the OTT market projection for India and South Asia and have access to data on internet penetration, revenue across various VOD models, types of content preferred, and much more. Download the report today.

Netflix Doesn’t Want to Kill HBO. It Wants to Kill TV. 17 April 2015

We’ve heard a lot about the battle between HBO and video on demand service Netflix in recent months, prompted by HBO’s move to offer its own Netflix-like Web service. But Netflix’s bumper Q1 earnings yesterday gave CEO Reed Hastings a … Continue reading

Big data’s pivotal role in the future of television 09 April 2015

As more and more consumers grow increasingly discontent with rising cable costs and channel packages that don’t align to their view preferences, cable companies are seemingly attempting to resolve the issue by doubling down on the very same legacy business … Continue reading

Net Neutrality : Internet the Way You Want It, Not the ISP 12 March 2015

With a sharp 3-2 Democrats over Republicans vote, the Federal Communications Commission has laid out a new parameter for internet regulations, subtly replacing the broadband service providers with the Government regulator as the new internet gatekeepers. Backed by internet giants … Continue reading

CAFDE reaches out to CRTC for helping foster growth of Feature Films in Canada by regulating OTT 10 March 2015

The Canadian Association of Film Distributors and Exporters (CAFDE) and one of its members, Elevation Pictures, told a House of Commons committee Monday that there is a role for the CRTC to play to spur demand for Canadian feature films, … Continue reading

IPTV charts double-digit growth map in 2015 16 February 2015

#iptv is expected to grow a market leading 14% in 2014, followed by satellite TV platform at 7%. The growth rates of cable and terrestrial TV platforms are expected to slow to around 3%. Global cable TV market growth is driven … Continue reading

Netflix claims content and programming key to VOD future 16 February 2015

Aware that the proof of its plan for global availability within two years lies in the quality of its programming, white label #vod service provider #netflix is putting its money where its mouth is by planning to spend $3 billion … Continue reading