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What is LG WebOS? – Everything You Need to Know 19 April 2023

In 2014, LG launched its in-house smart TV operating system called LG WebOS. By 2022, LG WebOS has already captured around 13.8% of the global smart TV market. And now, LG is planning to increase the market presence of WebOS … Continue reading

How to Develop Your Own LG TV WebOS App Without Coding? 20 January 2023

  In 2021, LG TVs held an 18.9% share of the global television market. We don’t need to tell you separately that LG is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the television industry. LG smart TVs … Continue reading

LG TV App – Ecosystem, Market, Growth Scope, and More 17 November 2022

  Smart TV apps have been in the spotlight for a while now with the increase in inclination towards internet-based streaming. As stated in a recent report, the internet-connected TV penetration rate in the U.S. itself is more than 80% … Continue reading