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8 Best Ways to Make Money With Live Streaming : Real Life Examples 22 December 2022

  Introduction Live streaming offers a huge potential of video monetization. It helps live broadcasters, sport content distributors and other businesses to earn revenue from live streams. The live streaming market size in 2022 is at US $70.59 billion dollars … Continue reading

DVR Enabled Live Streaming – Allows End-users to Play, Pause and Rewind Live Streams 06 December 2022

DVR-enabled live stream provides your audience an opportunity to pause, rewind, and continue watching during a live stream. When the end-user resumes playing, the live stream will start exactly from the duration where they hit pause. DVR-enabled live streams fulfil … Continue reading

Live Stream Creative Sessions Seamlessly With Muvi Live 18 November 2022

  If you are a creative professional, then you already know how important live streaming is to reach out to your audience, boost the audience engagement rate and align with your overall business goals. And with Muvi Live’s dedicated solution … Continue reading

5 Essentials for Secure Live Streaming That You Must Know 07 November 2022

  Security is pivotal for live streaming to protect your live streams from unauthenticated sharing, data breaches and other security threats. As stated in a recent report, cybersecurity threats caused nearly US $6 trillion damage globally in 2022 while there … Continue reading

Revolutionize Virtual Classrooms with Muvi Live 31 October 2022

  In this post-covid era, Virtual Classrooms are one of the biggest lifelines of the education industry. In the past few years, it has busted multiple myths surrounding it, and has proved that virtual classrooms can be as effective as … Continue reading

MUVI Live Now Offers More Flexibility At Half The Cost! 19 October 2022

  Live streaming is an integral part of our lives nowadays. Imagine your life without live sports, live news, live events…doesn’t it seem boring? Moreover, in this connected world, why would anyone miss any special event just because he or … Continue reading

Easily Live Stream Using IP Camera With Muvi Live 11 October 2022

  IP camera live streaming is crucial for surveillance and monitoring purposes and hence is widely used in diverse areas – starting from industrial sites to government buildings, IT offices and others.  Not only does it let you supervise remotely … Continue reading

Live Stream Easily Via Broadcasting Software With Muvi Live 11 October 2022

  One of the common requirements during live streaming is being able to live stream from multiple sources such as camcorders, USB-connected DSLRs, mobile cameras, and screen sharing, to name a few.  With Muvi Live’s live stream via broadcasting software … Continue reading

How to live stream your Town Hall? 03 October 2022

  Live streaming has become widely popular and accessible in recent years. It has shown immense progress due to the offerings like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Internal communications teams also want to use this technology to facilitate accessible and … Continue reading

Live Stream Via Third-Party Feed Easily With Muvi Live 29 September 2022

  Live streaming via third-party feed helps you provide your global audience with a seamless viewing experience. And Muvi Live customers can easily live stream via third-party feed through its in-built CDN (Content Delivery Network).  Also, it ensures optimum security … Continue reading