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5 Essentials for Secure Live Streaming That You Must Know

Ishita Banik Published on : 07 November 2022
secure live streaming


Security is pivotal for live streaming to protect your live streams from unauthenticated sharing, data breaches and other security threats. As stated in a recent report, cybersecurity threats caused nearly US $6 trillion damage globally in 2022 while there is one cyber attack in every 39 seconds and your live streaming platform is not an exception to this. 

If you are wondering how to safeguard your live streaming app/website/live streams from all such security threats, then read on. We are going to walk you through all you need to know about secure live streaming and the top 5 essentials to ensure optimum security for your live streaming. 


Top 5 Essentials for Secure Live Streaming


1. Server Side Security

Server side security refers to the tools and techniques to protect the data and resources on the server side. It is crucial to opt for layered security measures to protect your customer data like login details, and other server side files and data. 

A multi-level firewall can help you achieve a high level of server side security by safeguarding your data and network from any possible cyber threats, access or unwanted malicious network traffic. It is recommended to opt for a live streaming platform provider that runs timely scans and tests like penetration testing and security audits along with providing multi-level firewall support. 

Also, you should opt for round-the-clock monitoring, disaster recovery, and DDoS protection solutions to ensure complete server side security.

2. SSL/TLS Encrypted Paywall

Paywall refers to the method of restricting your live streaming content access with a paid subscription and SSL and TLS are two key security protocols for encrypting the paywall for your live streaming. 

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an internet security protocol for encryption that helps ensure secure live stream transmission from servers to clients through encrypted codes. TLS or Transport Layer Security protocol is another famous encryption protocol that offers end-to-end security by encrypting your live streams during their transmission over the internet. The TLS protocol is basically a successor to the SSL protocol while the SSL protocol is more widely used.

3. Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is a key focus area to prevent unauthorized access to your live streaming platform. Single sign-on authentication comes into play here to let the customers access multiple apps/ websites by using a single set of login credentials. Not only does this cater to secure identity and access management but also helps save time and improve customer experience.


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4. Multi-DRM Security

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a necessary safety and security measure for your live streaming platform to protect the copyrights for all your digital media and ensure secure live streaming. Multi-DRM security provides complete protection from your content being hacked, or from any possible digital copyright infringements.  Always opt for a live streaming platform provider that offers multi-tier DRM solutions including the top DRM services like Playready, Fairplay, Widevine, Marlin, and others.

5. Watermarking and Screen Record Protection

Watermarking and screen record protection both are important to prevent any unauthorized sharing and access of your videos. Screen record protection disables the option of capturing live streaming content by turning the screen black and blocking the activity. 

Watermarking, on the other hand, lets you watermark your live streams by displaying customer name, IP address, email address, or other details as per your choice based on the live streaming platform provider you have chosen.


Ensure Impenetrable Security While Live Streaming With Muvi Live

No matter in which industry/sector are you operating in, it is important to adopt robust security measures for your live streaming platform to not only protect your live streaming platform and live streams, but sensitive customer information. Muvi Live, an one of its kind of live streaming platform provider, offers a compact all-in-one safety and security solution for secure live streaming that includes –

  • SSL Certificate
  • Screen Record Protection
  • Watermarking
  • PCI Compliance
  • Multi-DRM
  • Server-side Security & Firewall
  • Geoblocking and VPN Detection

And many more.

Take a 14-day free trial now to try it firsthand and explore more (no credit card required)!

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Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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