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Netflix still dominates video streaming, representing 35.2% of traffic in North America 24 June 2016

Amazon, the e-commerce giant notoriously hungry to break into hot new markets, is quickly rising the ranks to compete with industry titans like Netflix. Amazon Video is now the third most-streamed online video on demand service, behind Netflix and Youtube, according to a new internet usage report from Sandvine. The network hardware company’s twice annual Global …

VOD subscribers for iQIYI double since 2015 17 June 2016

The number of subscribers to iQIYI’s video-on-demand service has doubled since the beginning of December 2015 which, says a company statement, signifies ‘a significant trend in China that more people are willing to pay for good content’. “Reaching the 20 million in paid subscription indicates the strong demand among Chinese online viewers for paid video …

Hollywood studios sue VOD services in Utah 15 June 2016

Several major Hollywood studios are suing a Provo-based video-on-demand service for copyright violations. KUTV of Salt Lake City reports that Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. studios filed a lawsuit in federal court in California against VidAngel. According to the complaint filed Thursday, the studios say VidAngel circumvents protection measures on DVDs and …

Amazon wants to go big with VOD 21 April 2016

According to a report at Streaming Media, Amazon at NAB 2016 revealed its plans of wanting to be a major player as a video on demand service provider. “We would like to have every digital video service and channel on our platform,” said Michael Paull, VP of digital video at Amazon. “We have over thirty services …

LeEco investing in CDN for video on demand service in India 01 April 2016

IOT company LeEco, which entered the Indian market with smartphones earlier this year, has announced that it will be investing over $10 million to start an in-house Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in India. It will be launched in 10 cities, and by the end of the year. This cloud infrastructure will be used to provide …

Fullscreen – the popular YouTube network is now on VOD 31 March 2016

Fullscreen – a video on demand service claimed to be for the ‘social-first generation’ is being launched soon. Fullscreen is an already popular YouTube network which is jointly owned by AT&T and Chernin Group. The popularity of the network makes this move a logical step as this is where they will make the most of …

FCC Promotes TV Everywhere, Blow For Cable Lobby 28 January 2016

Pay-TV providers would have to make video programming available to the makers of third-party devices and software under a proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. The FCC is planning for a software-based, cardless replacement for CableCard. Without needing a physical card that plugs into a third-party set-top box, consumers would be able to get …

Netflix VPN Crackdown : The Real Reason Why Netflix Is Doing This 25 January 2016

It’s a rare thing when a high-profile company changes its position on a key issue overnight. So Netflix’s announcement on January 15 that it would take steps to stop AustraliaN customers streaming shows that aren’t officially available in their country came as a big surprise to many observers. Not least, that is, the many thousands of …

The Power Of Addressable Local TV 22 January 2016

he strong consultant interest in addressable advertising demonstrates the power of delivering a specific message to an individual voter’s household television. It’s the promise of digital targeting with TV’s audience. But beneath consultants’ excitement about the technology is confusion about how it works at the local level and when it’ll be more widely available. Now, …

Netflix Ends 2015 With 2,728,000 Australians Subscribers 20 January 2016

After launching in March, Netflix expanded fast: its reach expanded by an average 30% per month from April to September. Throughout this period of rapid growth, Roy Morgan released each new month-by-month result to chart the Subscription VOD service’s dramatic rise in household subscriptions and reach across the population. From October to December, however, Netflix’s …

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