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OTT viewership spikes up as Social Isolation becomes the new way of life 26 March 2020

  OTT consumption has spiked amid lockdown and self-isolation of viewers over the last 2 weeks. Video streaming services state to have almost twice growth in On-demand viewership.  Considering the increasing demand for over-the-top content, players are bulking up their … Continue reading

Axwave’s Unique Viewership Numbers Show That Nearly 30% of All TV Content Watched in the U.S. is via Streaming Over-the-Top Services 13 April 2015

“Over 40% of TV households in the U.S. subscribe to OTT services,” said Damian Scavo, Axwave CEO. “The data that we have been collecting provides unique insights into how viewers are using these services.” The Axwave data allows the TV … Continue reading