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Ireland’s video nation: streaming goes mainstream as two-thirds of adults consume video-on-demand 18 May 2015

Streaming is now mainstream in Ireland with two-thirds of all adults having viewed video on demand services within the last six months, according to new research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Nielsen. The figure skews higher for adults … Continue reading

Cable Execs Refuse To Offer Better TV Bundle Options Because Consumers Already Enjoy All The ‘Value’ They Can Handle 15 May 2015

Consumers have been clamouring for better cable TV pricing and more flexible channel options for the better part of the last decade, and for most of that time the broadcast and cable industry has been wilfully — almost gleefully — … Continue reading

Net Neutrality: Appeals Court Asked to Halt FCC’s Move to Reclassify Internet 14 May 2015

Cable and telecom trade associations asked the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to stay the FCC’s move to reclassify the Internet as a Title II telecommunications service, a regulatory maneuver to give the agency authority to impose robust net neutrality … Continue reading

Top 5 TV Audience and Research Myths and Misconceptions 13 May 2015

1. Pre-season buzz matters for new series. There are several reasons why pre-season buzz has virtually no impact on whether or not a program becomes successful. Despite the fact that much of its audience is older, the traditional press has … Continue reading

Most OTA cord cutters come from satellite, finds TiVo 11 May 2015

TiVo has released the findings of an in-depth survey of Over The Air (OTA) TV consumers revealing that a materially higher percentage of cord cutters are coming from former satellite TV service subscribers. “The data we’ve collected shows a clear … Continue reading

4-day-old cable VOD ads are more effective than standard TV commercials, finds Canoe 06 May 2015

Cable industry advanced advertising consortium Canoe says ads stay fresher over time on cable VOD. Citing research conducted by Frank M. Magid, the joint venture said that ads on cable video on demand service that were viewed four to seven days … Continue reading

Cable TV industry goes from high to low in a year 06 May 2015

It hasn’t been a good year for television. That seems clear from this year’s annual convention of the nation’s pay-TV industry here. The lofty expectations from last year’s gathering of the National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. have given way to this year’s … Continue reading

Don’t mirror Netflix, Hollywood expert tells local rivals 05 May 2015

Australia’s three local video on demand services need to be careful not to mirror Netflix’s successful business model if they are to survive in an increasingly crowded market, a Hollywood media adviser says. Seth Shapiro, an interactive media governor for the Emmy … Continue reading

Muvi Studio’s Marketing Head Viraj Mehta reflects on issues plaguing net neutrality in India 30 April 2015

Share a picture you took in the restaurant last night? WhatsApp! Had a video chat with your friend or relative in the United States? Skype! How much did you pay for while using these two apps for sharing some priceless … Continue reading

Muvi’s Founder Anshuman Das Talks About The Growth Of Internet and Smartphones Driving The Growth of VOD In India 30 April 2015

Getting candid about the possibilities of VOD expanding more in the entertainment industry, Muvi’s Founder Anshuman Das talked about how the internet & smartphone numbers could boost VOD and video streaming in India. Here’s what he writes, “Consumers around the … Continue reading