Handy & Best-in-class features curated by Data Scientists
to Make the Most of Your Every Visitor

Easy Data Acquisition

From Rest API to CSV import to Plugins, explicit data integration in Alie is a matter of clicks! About implicit data, Alie grasps them seamlessly from end-users based on their view history, click-throughs, search history, etc.

Responsive Dashboard

Manage your entire platform across all devices with the most easy-to-use and out-of-the-box CMS around! Day to day recommendation, insightful analytics, faster billing – get them all on one dashboard at your fingertips.

Advanced Machine Learning Algorithm

Let machine learning and predictive analysis take the center stage while recommending most relevant content on an individual level. Needless to say across all the platforms!

Real-time Recommendation

Deliver a personalized user experience to each of your visitors with utmost accuracy. Alie through machine learning algorithms, impeccably recommends content to each visitor in real-time based on their previous interactions.

Scalable-Grows along with your Platform

From the enormous nature of an e-commerce site to accuracy longing job portals, adaptability across domains make Alie stand ahead of the curve. Build on Hybrid Recommender System, a mix of both collaborative filtering and content-based filtering, the algorithms used in Alie makes it versatile for any online business. Just configure the API endpoints of your data source and you are covered!


Here comes the cherry of the cake! You think you read & understand your customers better? Voila! You can even tailor recommendation on Alie by configuring the parameters and filters. Use machine learning to optimize your existing content and get the liberty to refine them over time.

“Alie is an AI-driven Recommendation Engine for any online business, blogging platform, and websites. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Alie uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to capture and analyze user data and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy.”

Easy Integration| Advanced Algorithm| Real-time Recommendation | Adaptability Across Domains