Analytics & Insights

Recommendation Engine With Built-In Analytics


Alie’s Analytics & Insights uses key metrics to track and report, how your recommendations are engaging with end customers.

Explore key performance metrics, receive important alerts and configure recommendations to reflect your personalization needs. Use a simple and easy-to-use customizable dashboard designed for all your team members.



  • All your Campaigns Data in One Place
  • Understand your Audience Better
  • Optimized Recommendations


Elevate User Experience with Personalized Recommendations

All your Campaigns Data in One Place

All Your Campaigns Data in One Place

Keep a tab on all your recommendation campaigns directly from your Alie dashboard. Alie offers real-time stats, so you can quickly identify what’s working and make smart decisions about the type of recommendations, algorithms to use & pages to focus on.
recommendation engine
recommendation engine

Understand your audience better

Understand Your Audience Better

Alie’s campaign engagement reports will help you learn more about the behavior of your audience. You can easily find out who is interacting more with your content/products. Use these insights to create more personalized content or offer similar products that could bring more sales.

Optimized Recommendations

Optimized Recommendations

Use Alie’s Analytics to identify what your audiences are looking for, what type of recommendations they respond to, and apply those insights in developing audience engagement strategies. Use Alie for - personalized customer engagement to create brand loyalty, earn more customers, and improve the revenue per customer.

Analysis and Insights


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