Multiple Dataset Training

Improve recommendations with multiple datasets


Alie’s “Multiple dataset” feature lets you add multiple datasets to train Alie for faster & improved recommendations. You can add multiple datasets from your local computer, using API/Webhooks integration or copy-pasting a Javascript code to your website.

A recommendation system’s effectiveness (for all the application domains) proves only if it is trained on multiple datasets and gives consistent results. This is where Alie offers a clear advantage by allowing you to test multiple datasets and algorithms for desired results.

Training data is a key input for Machine Learning (ML) systems that comprehend such data and uses the information for future predictions. The more data you provide to the ML system, the faster that model can learn and improve.



  • Action-based Recommendations
  • Domain-Specific Recommendations
  • Enhanced End-user Experience
  • Faster Implementation


Elevate User Experience with Personalized Recommendations

Action-based recommendations

Action-based Recommendations

Alie allows you to add your own datasets, which helps in offering action-based recommendations to your end-users. Such recommendations are based on other users’ history, items purchase, items viewed, etc.

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recommender systems

Domain-Specific recommendations

Domain-Specific recommendations

Providing recommendations in multiple domains requires support for training of multiple datasets, heterogeneous data structures, domain-specific algorithm customization. In this feature we talked about multiple datasets, Alie also supports other features, which a true domain agnostic recommendation system should provide.

Enhanced end-user experience

Enhanced End-user Experience

A little time invested in tuning your machine learning(ML) model could drastically improve customer experience, increase your service consumption, and reduce average sales cycle metrics. Multiple Dataset feature allows you to train your model on multiple datasets which helps fine-tune your model to offer accurate recommendations and improve the end-user experience over time.

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ai recommender

Faster Implementation

Faster Implementation

With Alie providing multiple methods for uploading data, the process of adding multiple datasets is a lot faster and extremely simplified. You can add datasets from your local computer through API/Webhooks integration, or copy-pasting the Javascript code from Alie to your platform or website.



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