Resetting Data

Generate new recommendations with a simple data reset


At times you don’t want Youtube to show you the recommendations, either because you already watched the content or you think few recommendations are irrelevant. Similarly, there are times when your end-users would not want to see what is recommended but want to see a new set of recommendations.

Alie’s “Resetting Data” feature allows you to reset all previously generated recommendations, allowing a fresh set of recommendations to be generated with a new dataset. The process of resetting data is very simple, just log into Alie Dashboard, select the dataset and reset data with a click of a button. Once data is reset, you may push the fresh dataset through Alie’s simple-to-use APIs or a direct file upload.



  • Try Multiple datasets
  • Build a newly trained model
  • Get better recommendations over the time


Elevate User Experience with Personalized Recommendations

Try Multiple datasets

Try Multiple Datasets

Recommendations depend on the data that we feed to Alie. Alie consumes the data and provides recommendations based on the Algorithm and other parameters selected by you. Resetting of data would help you delete all recommendations generated by Alie and load new data to generate a new set of recommendations.

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Build a newly trained model

Build a Newly Trained Model

Through a trained machine learning(ML) model, Alie impeccably recommends content to each customer in real-time based on their previous interactions. With Alie’s “resetting data” feature, the existing trained data model can be removed and the new machine learning (ML) model can be trained with new data to generate a fresh set of recommendations.

Get better recommendations over time

Get Better Recommendations Over Time

The key to improving the quality of recommendations is nothing but the data, more data mean better recommendations. With resetting data, Alie retrains itself on a number of datasets resulting in better recommendations over time.

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