Migrate to Alie

Migrate your existing recommendation platform to Alie.

Migrate your entire platform including customer data, product data (properties, features, benefits, description & other meta-information), behavioral data, etc. to Alie in a quick and hassle-free manner.

    Smooth and Seamless Migration

    No IT Teams Required. Leave Everything on Us.

    Alie provides you with migration and import services that help you in a smooth transition. Alie's team takes care of everything at the backend, working in tune with your existing provider while you continue to focus purely on your business. In most cases, our customers or their users do not even notice a "downtime" when the migration is completed and the new platform hosted on Alie goes live! It's that smooth and seamless.

    And above all we do not charge a subscription fee* while migration, your subscription starts the
    day you Go Live

    Migration Steps

    With Alie, you can achieve the best conversion rates by serving the most-accurate personalized recommendations to each visitor in real time.

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    Once we receive your migration request, our support team will send a migration checklist with instructions on getting your Alie account set up for the migration.

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    After you have ticked everything off the list and set up your Alie account, we will export the user, item & behavioral data from your existing platform and import the data into your Alie TEST site for review.

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    Once you review the data and give us the go-ahead, we will import the data into your Live site. In the process you will face zero to negligible downtime.

    Frequently asked

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    Apart from introducing or sharing your login credentials with Alie Team, you do not need to get involved. Our team will take care of everything for you technically. You may be required for reviewing data, authorization, and the approval process, apart from that it's all taken care of by Alie Team.

    Depending on your existing platform, there may be a charge from Alie for the import/migration tools and services

    We can work with any platform in the world, but to name a few major platforms. Recombee, Fusebill, Qubit, Optimizely,Yusp, Klevu, etc.

    We have migrated platforms from a few hours to a couple of weeks timeframe, this entirely depends on your existing service provider, the level of support they provide to Alie, and the APIs they provide to support data migration.

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