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Deter Piracy with Dynamic Watermarking

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How can you safeguard your videos from piracy tools like Screen Capture Software or Mobile or Video Camera recording off the screen directly? With Muvi, you can!

Introducing Dynamic Watermarking, a feature that is the ultimate answer to such piracy tools. Muvi’s watermarking feature helps you insert non-removable watermark content like Email ID, Date, IP Address of the viewers on your video during playback at viewers end, dynamically and display it randomly across the screen, thus leading to a deter a user from using such tools as they will be easily identified and caught!

With Muvi’s watermarking feature, no pirate over the web can claim your content as their own, potentially stealing your viewers and revenue. With a user-friendly interface, you have a complete free-hand to stamp personalized watermark on any content from your library.

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  • Discourage Screen Capture & Camera Recordings
  • Display Viewer Information
  • Moves discreetly across screen
  • Cannot be overwritten

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Dynamic Watermarking

Dynamic Watermarking offers better protection for your content over the web. A simple text or image can be overlaid on selected contents providing an added layer of security. Even if the content is exposed over the web illegally, it becomes easy to find out where it came from.


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Display Email, IP

Displaying viewer’s information like Email Address or IP over the content in addition to your logo to discourage pirates! This information which moves discretely across the screen during view playback displaying critical viewer information automatically discourages pirates from using screen capture tools or cameras to record and distribute your videos offline, as it exposes them as users.

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Screen capture and Camera Recording

Muvi constantly works to make it hard for online thieves to steal your unique videos. Prevent your viewers from recording the content they are viewing by displaying overlaid watermarks.


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