MRSS Feeds

Showcase Your Audio & Video on Third-Party Websites & Apps.

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Publish your audio and video on multiple third-party platforms at once with MRSS feed. Merge your audio, video, images, metadata in RSS feeds, and generate Media Really Simple Syndication (MRSS), reaching your audience in their feed readers and desktop application across multiple devices. Build a loyal community around your content and update them with the latest from your CMS instantly!

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  • Bulk Export
  • Export to Any Ad Network
  • Customizable
  • Attract Quality Traffic

Bulk Export

Bulk Export

Set up Muvi Flex to export as many audios and videos you want as an MRSS feed, add the feed to your desired third-party sites and apps, and showcase your content to the audience.

MRSS feeds
Export to Any Ad Network

Export to Any Ad Network

Export to Any Ad Network

With MRSS feed, you can ingest all of your Muvi Flex-hosted audios and videos to any third-party ad network. The MRSS feed containing content metadata gives essential information to the ad network to target ads to specific audio and video content within the ad network.


Add any additional category or field, featured images to your feed, attract user attention, and improve your B2C relation.

Customizable solution
Attract Quality Traffic

Attract Quality Traffic

Attract Quality Traffic


MRSS feed delivers your content to third-party sites and apps where your audience stays. So you get to reach them without lengthy emails and push notifications that put you at the possibility of being marked as spam. And not to mention the quality of the traffic you get to your channel.

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