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Reach audience across various social media platforms and get more visibility for your content organically with Muvi Flex's “Social Publishing” feature. Easily publish content from your streaming platform on social media channels like YouTube and ensure your content gets delivered to millions of viewers.



  • Publish directly from CMS
  • Add multiple social media channels
  • Real-time Analytics

Meetings as a new form of Content

Publish directly from CMS

Muvi Flex enables you to publish content on your social media platforms directly from your CMS. Get more views for your video content without needing to upload across different social media platforms separately.

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Integration with online meeting platforms via API and Webhooks

Select multiple Social Media channels

Muvi Flex's Social Publishing feature allows you to add multiple social media platforms and create new destinations for publishing content. Enhance your social presence and increase visibility for your content across various social media platforms.

Multiple Inbuilt Monetization Methods

Real-time Analytics

Track viewer engagement across social media platforms through real-time analytics. Generate detailed reports via Muvi Flex's inbuilt analytical engine and find out more about your audience and their behavior.

try multiple languages for your Muvi powered web and mobile apps

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