Video Streaming Formats

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One of the simplest ways to share your videos on Muvi Flex is to embed them on your website or blog. The embed feature allows you to easily copy and paste a code snippet onto your website, where your video will be shown in a player that is completely customizable to go with your branding. This allows your audience to watch your videos without having to leave your website.



HTTP Live Streaming, or HLS, is a popular streaming format. It is a protocol for media streaming over the web and is excellent for delivering high-definition video content to a variety of devices. HLS can automatically adjust the quality of the video based on the user's internet connection, ensuring a smooth playback experience.


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MPEG-DASH is another streaming format that's supported by Muvi Flex. It is an adaptive streaming protocol that sends video data in manageable chunks and enables the player to smoothly switch between various bitrates. As a result, viewers can take advantage of high-quality video content regardless of the speed of their internet connection.

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