Group User Accounts

Let your users add multiple sub accounts

Create Plans That Support Group Accounts

Muvi One lets you create subscription packages that support multiple sub accounts. These plans can have their own sets of pricing. You have the flexibility to customize subscription packages and offer them as monthly, quarterly or yearly plans based on your business model.

Manage User Accounts from CMS

Once your end-user has subscribed to a plan that supports creation of sub-user accounts, he/she can add, edit, manage, or remove all the sub-accounts from the ‘Manage Users’ section of their profile. Master accounts will have access to account management features such as “manage subscription”, “payment information”, and more.

Easy Integration with Mobile Apps

With Muvi One’s APIs you can easily integrate the Group User Accounts feature into your video/audio streaming app. Muvi One’s APIs support hassle-free integration for managing user information, content authorization, profiles settings and more.


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  • Group User Account
  • Allow payments via valid mobile number
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Enable Users to Create Sub Accounts

Allow your users to create multiple sub-accounts as per your subscription plan with separate login credentials. Once a sub-account is created, the sub account user gets notified via email that contains their login credentials. Sub account holders can use these credentials to perform a variety of functions such as accessing content, managing passwords, updating their information, etc.

Hierarchical Based Access

Allow only master accounts holders to view pages like subscription details, credit card and payment information, user profiles, devices used, etc., and restrict sub-users from doing the same.

User Analytics

Analyze and track important information such as, user actions, viewing habits, devices used, drop-off rates, buffering time, user locations, browsers, and more. Use insightful data to formulate your content strategy and maximize ROI.

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