Multi-Channel Notification System

Trigger and Manage Transactional Notifications!

Manage Transactional Notifications

Manage notifications across multiple channels without making changes at the code level. With the Notification Engine integrated into your products, you can easily create, edit, and manage trigger-based notifications from a single dashboard.

Customizable Notification Management

With a zero coding system, the Notification Engine makes it easy for users to create, edit, and customize within seconds. Not just that, you can add, edit, and manage your transactional messages at the click of a button without making changes at the code level.

Change Logo for End-user Notifications

Forget about the hassles of changing the logos for end-user notifications separately. With this feature, Admin can now change the logo for all the notifications in one place. Not just that! The admin can also have their own logo for the notification triggered to their end users.


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  • Users can create, edit, and customize notifications
  • Change the logo for all the notifications in one place
  • Detailed reports on Notification delivery & User actions
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Trigger Management with APIs

With the Multi-channel Notification system, you can quickly add triggers to specific events using APIs based on your requirements. You can then launch customized messages for multiple user actions easily.

Multi-Channel Engagement

The Notification system allows you to engage your audience by sending notifications across SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc. You can either choose all the mediums to trigger notifications or use a single medium based on your user actions.

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