Muvi - Secured Streaming Platform

At Muvi, we take pride in maintaining a high standard of security. And that is why we provide our customers with an OTT platform that is equipped with advanced security features to defend your platform against security threats. Right from content upload to delivery, Muvi protects you, your content, your platform, and your user data from multiple security threats, piracy, and hackers who intend to disrupt your streaming platform.

Server Level Security & Multi-level Firewall

Muvi’s Server Level Security and Multi-level Firewall ensure high-level safety and security of your data. Muvi conducts regular tests such as Penetration Testing & Security Audits. With 24x7 security monitoring, Muvi keeps a check on security attacks like DDoS attacks on your infrastructure. Muvi also takes regular backups and implements Disaster Recovery(DR) protocol to ensure your data is always stored securely.

Multi-DRM & Watermark

With Multi-DRM, Muvi protects video & audio content on your OTT platform against illegal usage and downloads. Muvi supports license management features for multiple DRMs such as Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady for major web, browsers and mobile OS. Muvi’s Watermarking features let you insert non-removable dynamic watermark content like Email ID, Date, and IP Address of users on your content during the playback at users. This restricts pirates and users from using tools like screen capture software and cameras to record your content.

PCI Compliance

Muvi provides PCI Compliant platforms with secured connections for online payments and transactions. With 24x7 monitoring, we keep a check on online threats to your content and platform. We keep adapting enhancements as per PCI Security Standards and guidelines that govern data security across a wide range of online payments.

Geo-Blocking and VPN Detection

With GeoIP intelligence, Muvi restricts user access via any 3rd party VPN services that intend to bypass geo-blocking. This provides an extra layer of security to streaming apps and websites that want to restrict content access to specific geographical regions. So, only authentic users get to stream video/audio content on your OTT platform.


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ISO Certified Processes

Muvi adheres to the latest standards in operational security to prevent information breaches. Muvi is ISO ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company.

Domain Restriction for Embed Player

Specify a list of approved domains or websites where the player can be embedded or used and control where the player can be accessed, ensuring it is only used on authorized platforms. To implement domain restrictions for an embedded player, you would typically need to configure the player settings or utilize the provided APIs or SDKs provided by Muvi One.

Simultaneous Streaming Devices Restrictions

Limit the number of devices that can stream content simultaneously using a single user account with Muvi One. These restrictions are often implemented to enforce licensing agreements or prevent account-sharing abuse.

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