Built-in Multi-DRM Security

Multi-DRM Security for Video/Audio Content


Muvi's Multi-DRM Security Architecture

Multi- DRM

Support for Video and Audio content

Muvi One DRM empowers you with robust protection, ensuring your valuable audio and video assets remain shielded from piracy and unauthorized duplication. Preserve the exclusivity of your media assets with robust license enforcement, and mitigating the risks of potential legal liabilities associated with copyright infringement while securing your revenue.

Support for VOD and Live Streaming

Muvi’s Multi-DRM supports both on-demand and real-time live streaming for your video/audio content. Restrict unauthorized access, eliminating any scope for hacks, illegal downloads or piracy. With Muvi’s Multi-DRM, your live streaming content is encrypted and broadcasted to users having authentic access to your live events.

Multi-layered Content Protection

  • No Illegal Downloads
  • Audio & Video Protection
  • One-click Setup

Multi-platform DRM supported by Muvi

Platform TypePlatform/OSBrowserDRM Technology
WebWindowsChrome, Firefox, EdgeWidevine
  Internet ExplorerPlayready
 LinuxChrome, FirefoxWidevine
 MacSafari, Chrome, FirefoxFairplay
MobileAndroidNative Apps, Chrome, FirefoxWidevine
 iPhoneNative Apps, Safari, Chrome, FirefoxFairplay
TVSamsung, LG, Roku Playready
 Android, Fire TV Widevine
 Apple Fairplay

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Compatibility with Multiple DRM Platforms

Muvi supports license management features for multiple DRMs such as Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady for major web, browsers and mobile OS.

Multi-format & Multi Device Compatibility

Muvi’s Multi-DRM supports all media formats maintained by Android, iOS, and Microsoft Silverlight technologies on all devices such as mobiles, PCs, connected TVs, consoles, set-to boxes operating on all codecs.

Visible and forensic watermarking

Elevate your content protection strategy by incorporating visible and forensic watermarks. Muvi One enables you to imprint dynamic watermarks on videos, including user information such as email addresses and IP addresses. Detect and track unauthorized content distribution effortlessly.

Offline Streaming Protection

Muvi’s Multi-DRM ensures that your content is protected while downloading and offline streaming. By enabling content specific Unique keys and License Keys, your content stays protected offline even after downloading.

Protection against Screen Recording

Muvi’s Multi-DRM prevents anyone from screen recording or taking a screenshot of the playback. Even if the screen is being recorded by using any third-party software, the recording will appear blank.

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