Ad Monetization For Your Video Streaming Platform

Muvi One offers a robust Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD) platform with sophisticated audience targeting. Easily integrate with any ad server of your choice.

  • VAST and VMAP Ad Support
  • SCTE Markers
  • Keep 100% Ad Revenue

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Compatible with VAST & VMAP

Muvi One's AVOD supports industry-standard protocols like VAST and VMAP. Whether you're aiming to monetize through linear video ads or interactive media, Muvi’s compatibility ensures your content is accessible across all devices and platforms.

Compatibility with VAST, VPAID, & VMAP

Integration with Any Ad Servers

Integrate with any ad server of your choice, from Google Ad Manager to OpenX, and simplify ad management. This enables you to leverage comprehensive control over your ad inventory, facilitating efficient ad serving, targeting, and optimization to maximize revenue.

Integration with Leading Ad Servers

Versatile Ad Formats for Every Screen

Muvi One's AVOD enables ad delivery across a variety of devices and platforms like TV, mobile, and web, offering pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads to innovative skippable and non-skippable formats. This ensures your content is effectively monetized, keeping viewers engaged and ensuring a steady flow of ad revenue.

Advanced Ad Targeting with SCTE Markers

Dive deep into audience behavior with SCTE marker-based ad insertion. SCTE markers like SCTE 35 allow for dynamic ad insertion, ensuring ads are not just seen but also resonate with your audience.

  • Adapt to audience preferences
  • SCTE 35 marker for targeting specific viewer segments
  • Automated ad insertion
  • Insert Macros
  • Monetize Your Video Content Instantly
    & Keep 100% Revenue

    Keep 100% of Ad Revenue
    No Revenue Sharing

    Unlike our competitors, Muvi One stands out by not only offering you the opportunity to keep 100% of the ad revenue generated but also providing unparalleled support and customization options to help maximize your earnings and reach your audience more effectively.

    Flexible Ad Placement

    Leverage the flexibility with diverse ad placement options for VAST based ads, whether it's pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, or post-roll ads. With support for non-intrusive ad formats and the ability to tailor ad placements, create a viewing experience that respects your audience while optimizing ad revenue.

    Ad Blocker Alerts

    Built-in adblocker detection system identifies viewers using adblocker extensions and prompts them with an alert popup in the player interface, encouraging them to disable it to continue watching.

  • Detects all major ad blockers
  • Video resumes after disabling ad blocker
  • Maximize Ad Revenue with Relevant
    & Well Placed Ads with Muvi One AVOD

    Robust, Scalable, and Ready for Global Delivery

    Muvi One's technical backbone is designed for scalability and reliability, ensuring your content reaches a global audience without a hitch. Comprehensive API support, coupled with a global content delivery network, makes it easy to integrate and expand your streaming platform reach.

  • Extensive APIs for custom integrations
  • Support for global content delivery and ad serving
  • Engage and Retain Your Audience

    Muvi One’s AVOD is designed not just for monetization but also for maximum viewer satisfaction. With features like playback speed control, skip intro, thumbnails on the seekbar, and picture-in-picture mode, Muvi One enhances the viewing experience, making your platform the preferred choice for audiences worldwide.

  • Customizable HTML5 player with support for various ad formats
  • Skip Intro" for seamless content consumption
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for multitasking viewers
  • Launch Video Streaming Platform,
    Monetize with Ads & Generate Revenue